The Abolitionists movie shows rescues around the world from sex trafficking; premiers May 16

Tim Ballard, a former Homeland Security agent specializing in infiltrating and dismantling trafficking organizations, brings the fight against child sex trafficking to the big screen. The Abolitionists features undercover footage from rescue operations around the world, including action-packed, high-risk operations and tender moments of liberating at-risk children.

Go behind the scenes as Ballard and his team of highly trained operatives risk their own lives to free innocent children from trafficking, an epidemic that has become the world’s fastest growing crime, with over 27 million people enslaved — nearly 2 million of them children.

The Abolitionist movie logoUtilizing hidden surveillance equipment to capture every moment, the stories of Ballard’s team and their triumph over evil will leave viewers shocked, but more importantly, inspired to join the fight!

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